Detection is protection.

All of us at Mechanic refrigeration Company, Inc. were proud to introduce this new service to Southern California. We still provide this service “In House” with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Quality Results

Our complete and effective Vibration Spectrum Analysis Program is designed to reduce downtime and save you money by providing you with the early warning signs of machine defects and/or component deterioration. Please feel free to contact our office today to make an appointment.


Mechanic Refrigeration Company, Inc. will provide you with one of our factory-trained technicians to perform the on-sight task of collecting and recording the data from your equipment during your regular refrigeration systems operating hours. An experienced factory representative provided to us by a major manufacturer will perform the actual download at the factory, maintain your equipment’s historical data in their extensive database for future reference and prepare the comprehensive report.

Compressor, pump and motor repair can be performed on a scheduled basis when detected with our program, rather than unscheduled failures causing costly unscheduled downtime. 

Virtually all unexpected failures can be avoided with the use of our Vibration Analysis Program.

Allowing downtime and maintenance to be scheduled around production requirements will not only save you time and money but will extend the life of your equipment.

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