Compliance Assistance

Mechanic Refrigeration can provide assistance in developing complete Process Safety Management programs to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 requirements as well as EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) and California CalARP regulation.

Risk Management and Risk Prevention

What happens if an incident occurs and ammonia is emitted into the atmosphere? How does it affect the areas surrounding your facility? More and more states are enacting legislation to have companies develop a plan to include procedures, training, documentation and Off-site Consequence Analysis. Mechanic Refrigeration Co. stays informed of all new regulations being passed by states and the federal government. You want to reduce your liability and we can help.

What we can do for you 

Bottom line? We can help you comply with all state and federal regulations. We can assist in developing and implementing an entire PSM/RMP/CalARP program or any element of the regulation. We can supply on site training for new employees or refresher training for existing employees. We can educate your management on the latest legislation being passed by state and and on a national scope by OSHA, EPA and Department of Homeland Security. We can perform an audit for your company and indicate any areas that would not meet the applicable standards. And, once a program is in place we can return to continue education of your employees and review your program.