Q: If my equipment/system has a warranty, do I need maintenance until the warranty expires?

A: Yes, you should.  Your system and equipment require regular maintenance to ensure safety and optimum operational efficiency.  Equipment manufacturers will only honor warranties if the system or equipment is regularly maintained.  Your system is complex and requires regular planned and preventative maintenance, not only to ensure trouble free operation but also for health and safety reasons.  Mechanic Refrigeration Company, Inc. offers maintenance agreements tailored to suit your particular requirements.

Q: If my system seems to be functioning properly, do I really need to have a vibration analysis performed?

A: Most system failures are unexpected. Planning ahead and having a vibration analysis performed can avoid unexpected failures. Our complete and effective Vibration Spectrum Analysis Program is designed to reduce downtime and save you money by providing you with the early warning signs of machine defects and/or component deterioration. Allowing downtime and maintenance to be scheduled around production requirements will not only save you time and money but will extend the life of your equipment.

Q: What are the common causes of ammonia releases and is there any way of preventing an ammonia release?

A: Operations and maintenance failures, equipment failures, and process failures are the three leading causes of accidental releases of ammonia. Significantly fewer releases are caused by unauthorized activity, natural events, and fires.  Virtually all accidental releases can be prevented. Hazardous substance releases, however, are an all too common occurrence. Releases are costly for communities and facilities.  It is important to proactively set in place a Process Safety Management Program(PSM) in conjunction with a Risk Management Program(RMP) as a prevention program for preventing accidental releases of ammonia.

Q: What is a truck charge?

A: As we continue to provide you with the best possible refrigeration/air conditioning service and construction, we are being overwhelmed with the continued rising cost of overhead, especially in the areas of insurance and vehicle fuel expenses. In an effort to not encumber our customers with an increase in labor charges, we have decided to control the rising cost by adding a vehicle expense charge (truck charge) to all service requests. This charge will only be applied to service calls and will not affect preventative maintenance billings. The amount of this charge will be $25.00 per visit.

Q: What if I have a question that is not listed or would like more information regarding one of your services?

A: We are always available to assist you. Please use our contact page to email your question. Let us know if you would like one of our professionals to give you a call back. You are always welcome to call us direct.